Search Engine Opimizing

What Is SEO?

Defining SEO

Let’s begin by explaining SEO for those who have never heard of the term before.

SEO or search engine optimization is a form of digital marketing which looks to shape a site to target specific keywords. Therefore, when a user types in that particular keyword in Google/Bing, your site pops up first. It is a meticulous process but yields great results in the long-term.

How Does SEO Work?

The premise is simple.

SEO involves setting up your site by picking primary and long-tail keywords in your niche. For example, you might want to target “best treadmills under $500” as a fitness website. Choose keywords particular to your niche, so users know what your site is all about.

Once you’ve optimized the content, meta descriptions, image tags, and more, you’ll wait for search engines to pick up your site.

The more engagement you see, the higher your ranking will go. This is where appropriate optimization is a must as a site owner.

Benefits of SEO

1) Targeted Traffic

You will see targeted traffic because people are taking time out of their day to type in that particular keyword in Google/Bing.

If they have the time to do this, they’ll be far more engaging than a cold lead.

This is powerful for businesses reliant on maintaining a high ROI year-round.

2) Free

If you choose to go with a DIY SEO campaign, you will not have to pay a dime to anyone. This is a free marketing method.

3) 24/7

One of the reasons businesses veer towards SEO involves its 24/7 potential. As long as the search engine is running, your ranking will remain, and the traffic will filter in.

This is the information one should remain aware of when it pertains to SEO and the leverage it has to offer the average site owner.