Why I Decided To See an Orthodintist

When I was younger, I really hated my teeth. I would get made fun of over and over again by the kids in school and around my neighborhood. So needless to say, writing about this now is pretty difficult for me.  My parents were never able to afford these for me since we were so poor and had so many kids in the house.

My older brother finally got his braces in college and I was so envious. I could not wait to go to college so I could get braces. I was so young and naive that I associated college with braces ever since that time.

It was 2014 when I made my way to Denver and started college. As soon as I was able to save up as much as I could, I looked up a local dentist to get a referral. I was given the name and number to an orthodontist that would really help me obtain this long-time dream I have had for so long.

All of my friends and family gave me so mush grief about being able to find affordable braces in Denver that I got a bit discouraged. I knew Colorado was a lot more expensive to live in compared to my home town. I and now able to write this to show my friends and family that is certainly is possible to find cheap braces in Denver.